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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How much time you take in delivering your services?
We can reach at your location within 15 minutes after making a call. All the credible solutions are just at the distance of a call from you.

2. In which areas you are available?
We have a wide network of locksmith services in almost all locations of America.

3. Are you available at a certain time?
We are the providers of tremendous locksmith services 24 hours and seven days a week. All the convenient solutions are available at your place whenever you need.

4. Are you available in weekend?
We operate round the clock without any break. Either day or night , rain or shine there is no holiday.

5. Do you give guarantee for your services and tools?
Yes. We generally give guarantee of 90 days but it varies from the service to service. In some cases we enlarges or shorten the guarantee time period.

6. What sort of electronic locksmith solutions you are providing?
We are providing the contemporary solutions including transponder key programmer, keyless entry system, digital security locks based on coding system.

7. What kind of alternative services you provide instead of installing new lock?
It depends on the situation's need. We are the expert in repairing of lock ignition, replacement of ignition, providing duplicate keys through key cutting according to the lock ignition.

8. Can you provide standardized duplicate keys?
Yes. We are highly specialized in offering this service because our tools are similar to the tools which dealers usually use. We have superior quality key cutting machines which can provide duplicate key that seems you never lost your previous keys. This machine operates on the based of key code which is programmed according to your VIN code to make analogous keys.

9. What kind of ignition services you are providing?
We are highly specialized in repairing and replacing of lock ignition. Our experts are masters in operating when the car key broke off in ignition or car key won't turn in the ignition.

10. Do you also operate along roadside emergency situations?
Yes. We also make sure our availability along the roadside unfamiliar areas through the well trained locksmith technicians.